People often claim that they would “do anything for love” (10 points if you sang that in Meatloaf’s voice). Mothers claim that they’d become a “mama bear” and singlehandedly take on an army of masked intruders in order to protect her child. Fathers often claim that they’d wrestle a bear barehanded in order to protect his son or daughter. But think about it. What would you do? Would you place yourself in harm’s way to protect and save a loved one? Would you wrestle a bear? What about a man with a gun? What about a group of soldiers? Would you for perfect strangers? Sure, there are some heroic people in the world that would put themselves in danger in order to help their fellow man.. but not many. Most of us would rather stay within the boundaries of our own little “safe zone” and, while we may make a comment or two about how it’s unfortunate for that person, we wouldn’t go out of our way to help them. There was one man, though, who put himself in harm’s way to save someone. A lot of someones, in fact. You’ve probably heard of him. His name was Jesus. And his father allowed it. Why? Because..

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” ~Spock

The Bible tells us that there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. I’m talking about the ultimate sacrifice. Knowingly, and willingly, laying down your life in order to save another. Soldiers do it. Heroes do it. And God did it, but on a much larger scale. God is the personification of perfection. He cannot stand sin. He can’t let the stain of sin into his presence. So he, because of his enormous love for us.. you, and me.. allowed his only son to be born in a human body, grow up, be tortured, be humiliated, and be brutally killed so that his shed blood can wash that stain away. Would you be willing to sacrifice the life of your child? If you knew that it was the only way to save billions? Would you do it? Or would you look the other way while billions died hopeless?

I watched a very moving YouTube video tonight. I admit that my eyes got a little watery while watching, but it really put things into perspective. Sure, I already knew that Christ died for me. I already knew it was part of God’s master plan. But to see it put into human terms, as a parent, was almost too much to bear. I can’t imagine having to make that choice. I’m not sure that I could. But then, I’m not God, and I don’t have the fate of billions of people in my hands.

I urge you to watch the following video, and think about it. If you knew that the death of one person would save billions, would you? If it was your child? Your loved one?

Now that you’ve watched the video, I have only one question: What would you do?