To many, the Christmas season is all about joy, friends, family, love, Faith, togetherness.. you get the idea. But it seems that these days all of the joy, love, and faith is getting impinged upon by a nastier element of the holidays.. thievery and idiocy. Apparently tis the season to break into people’s homes and steal from the hardworking. Is this really a way to celebrate Christmas? Well, for us, this Christmas season was fraught with fear and stress.

It all started around the beginning of December this year. I was at work while my girlfriend and the kids were home. This day I was sitting in a training room learning new skills (or so they say) and I get a Jabber message saying that I needed to come home quick because someone’s trying to break into the house. The cops had been called already, and I rushed to the trainer, then to my boss, and told them that I had to go, that I’d be back, but it was an emergency. Getting the go-ahead, I quickly grabbed my phone and keys, badged through the door, and practically ran to my truck. I tore out of the parking lot and rushed home (only a couple of blocks). By the time I got there the police had already come and gone, but everyone was still in full-blown panic mode. This, of course, set into motion a series of events that would help guarantee the safety of everyone in the house.

  • A new security system was installed and set up, with video surveillance and live monitoring.
  • A firearm was hidden in the house and is now available at a moment’s notice if necessary.
  • After dark we make sure there’s a car left in the driveway so people won’t assume nobody is home (up until this point I’d take my truck back to work after lunch, leaving the car parked inside the garage. I’m sure these idiots thought there was nobody home).

What’s even worse? They tried it again about a week later, except this time they split pretty quickly. A whole week? My, aren’t we brave! I don’t get it, though. Why don’t these idiots just go get a job like the rest of us? Talk about worthless excuses for human beings!

Now, we’re about as prepared as anyone can be. My next step? I want to get a bigger dog. The one we have has a big bark, but she’s a tiny dog and would honestly just lick an intruder to death, or run away. I want a German Shepherd or a Husky, something big, something that is well trainable, something that would protect the home and kids. But until then, I feel sorry for the person that tries to step foot in this house uninvited again (actually, no, I don’t feel sorry for the piece of #(*&#$ at all).