My team hates me. Rather, my ex-team hates me, I should say. They think I’m a traitor. They think I lied to them. In a way, I guess I kinda did. An omission of truth is kinda the same thing, isn’t it? I didn’t even want to omit the truth, either, but I was bound to secrecy. Sounds a bit like a Mission Impossible movie, doesn’t it? Honestly, though, it’s not all that crazy. You see, I’ve had my team for the last nine months, but someone (who gets paid a lot more than I do) decided it was time for me to relinquish my beloved team and take over a brand new one (new hires..yay!). So, in honor of our last day as a team, I bought them pizza for lunch. Most of them were thankful, but one was a bit suspicious, asking me if I was trying to butter them up… if I was about to give them bad news.

“I am not going to give you bad news,” said I. Yeah, it was an underhanded statement, but as I said, I had been sworn to silence until my boss could brief them. So, see, I really had no choice. Could I have said something sooner? Sure, I could have. But was it worth the risk of punishment? Absolutely not! At the end of the day, I followed orders, as much as I hated to. (Does that sound familiar? I was just following orders? Yeah, I thought so.).

So, needless to say, most of my old team was upset with me, not because they were losing an awesome supervisor, but because I wasn’t upfront with them. I don’t blame them. Honestly. I don’t like it when my bosses aren’t upfront with me, either. But I also understand that sometimes they’re sworn to secrecy, just like I was, and often still am.

They survived the day. So did I. After that day, though? Yeah, it was madness! (See this story coming soon!)