Electroshock Therapy: How I Deal With Migraines


santamedicalA while back (as in a few years ago) I was diagnosed with migraines, and the doctors still can’t figure out what’s causing them. My PCP (no, not THAT PCP) has pretty much gone through all the medications she can, and has now resorted to a temporary solution.. narcotics (yay me!). Unfortunately, they don’t work half of the time. She’s also sent me to see a neurologist, who’s got me on and in machines and medications and who knows what. I can’t really even keep it all straight anymore. One thing that does seem to give me at least temporary relief, though, is this Santamedical TENS unit.

It doesn’t work on all of my headaches, of course. Full blow migraines.. forget it. Nothing is going to stop those except a shot. But tension headaches? Absolutely. Usually when I start getting a tension headache I can feel my muscles starting to knot up on my back, shoulders and neck. I’ll end up with these tiny “balls of pain” around my shoulder blades on my back, and hitting them with electric pulses seems to do the trick for those.

  • Multiple settings
  • Multiple strengths
  • Dual output (one output doesn’t put out much power when both are in use)
  • Rechargeable
  • Small/Easy to fit in a pocket or purse








After 20 minutes or so of using the TENS unit my muscles were starting to hurt a bit every time the electric pulse hit them. It felt almost as if my skin was being attacked my needles, that had been attached to electric wires, which had been connected to the Las Vegas city mains. But talk about releasing the knots. Whew! It did the job it was intended to do. I guess after a while the muscles just get fed up and say “OK. That’s enough. Everyone out of the pool!”

Things to watch out for

Definitely watch out for placement. DO NOT attempt to attach the leads to sensitive areas of skin. It won’t feel pretty. If you have headaches don’t believe the hype and attach them anywhere near your facial regions. I tried it, and believe it, I’d rather deal with the headache. I felt like a cow getting a bolt shot through my skull. Blah!

Also, be careful about how high you turn the unit. After a few minutes you can generally crank it up slowly and be okay, but at first make sure you keep it turned down to a reasonable level. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Buying Advice

If you buy one of these babies, I would suggest purchasing some sort of little carrying case for it, as well as a charger brick and extra pads. It comes with a couple sets, but normal skin contains oils that quickly cause the pads to stop sticking. Sure, washing them with hot soapy water “revives” them, but who wants to keep doing that over and over.. and over!


I wholeheartedly suggest this Santamedical PM-510 TENS unit if you suffer from headaches, or regular aches and pains. It works wonders, as long as you follow the advice given above. Or don’t. Hey, it’s your body. Do what you want with it.

You can purchase your own Santamedical PM-510 TENS unit HERE.