What is Aliens Under the Bed?

Aliens Under the Bed began as a review website, albeit it with a different name (Impartial Report), before being rebranded last year. The name stems from one of my major childhood fears: there were aliens living under my bed who would grab my feet and pull me under into some alternate universe if I dared to step onto the floor with my bare feet. While this seems like a silly childhood dream/daydream/nightmare/fantasy, it stuck with my in unfortunate ways throughout my entire life. Although I no longer believe that there are aliens living underneath my bed, I still have an issue with bare feet. Product reviews are no longer the focus of Aliens Under the Bed. Instead I choose to focus on things that really matter: life, love, relationships, faith, etc. I choose to use Aliens as a platform, not a repository of half-ass reviews thrown together on the fly simply because a company or promoter pushed a deadline on me. No thanks. I’m finished with product reviews, at least for the foreseeable future.

Who is Dennis?

I’m nobody special, really. I’m just a guy who lives day-by-day in a world designed to drive people to darkness and insanity. I am a God-fearing, Christian man. I am a father. I work in management. I’m a bit crazy and have a wild sense of humor. I love spontaneity. Before my current job I was a freelance writer/editor for a number of years. I love to write, but I have to be inspired. (This is a big reason for ditching the product review part of the website and redirecting my focus).